How to Monetize Online During a Quarantine

By Clara Villamán Pastrano

It’s crazy to assume everyone has the luxury to not work for any period of time. From events canceled to restaurants not opening, entrepreneurs and artists from all over are suffering the financial disaster the virus Covid-19 is causing.

Life is now almost completely digital and we saw this coming, but the virus is forcing us to move our daily lives into our cellphones and computers. While these two last items are not accessible to everyone, including internet connection, those of us who own them, have more opportunities to make it through financially talking and I tell you how.

1. Webinars and Live streaming: If you’re a student, you already know about live streaming platforms where you get to attend classes virtually. So, are you a musician? Create a live session for a fee. Are you an instructor of any kind? You already know what to do. Are you a painter? Yeah, do the same as the musician.

2. Online selling: You can sell goods from your social media profile or from online stores like Shopify or Amazon. Sell your paintings, jewelry, photography, music, services, etc.

3. Online teaching: If you are an expert on something, you can give classes online for a fee. Use platforms like your social media, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. Plan a simple syllabus or guide for you and your students to follow.

4. Takeout / Delivery: If you are in the food industry, you can offer takeout only or delivery service for your clients. There are apps that help you do that, but if you are not doing it already, this may not work because of the situation. (Ex. Uber Eats or Glovo) So the best thing is if you find a way to do the delivery on your own. If you work for a restaurant instead of owning it, you may suggest this idea to your bosses, so that way you can keep working in an almost safe environment.

5. Remote jobs: This may be the time to consider choosing a remote job. You can search online for options or you can try and be your own boss. Remember to be practical in this time of need. For example, don’t join a business where you have to sell makeup, when people right now are only thinking about toilet paper. No, for real, joke aside, find a way you can make the most out of this time and target people’s needs.

6. Be creative: There are millions of ways you can monetize online. From playing video games to selling products, to even teaching classes. Make the most out of your talents and the resources you already have. Another thing is to invest in products or equipments that will help you and your business.

To Remember:

– Follow your government rules.

– If you’re sick DO NOT GO OUT.

– Prepare and help others as you can.

– If your employer does not implement some of these ideas, try to find other ways YOU can get money.

– And finally, these ideas may not work for everyone in this situation, make sure to discern on what’s best for you and your family. 

I know these tips will shine light on you and help you make some money online. Remember to be wise about your decisions. Like everything, being an entrepreneur and business owner has its downsides, and in this time of chaos, all you need is an income, not to get into crazy schemes, stock market groups, etc. Be wise and choose right!

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